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A wood worker at job  Our workers  A wood worker at job
Our workers in the factory

Processs flow
In our manufacturing process we start from saw milling to cut logs to get the dimension stocks, then seasoning and further processing up to our final products. As we cut logs, we inevitably have to encounter and handle a considerable quantity of by-product and waste.

Our Waste Recovery Section handles this problem by cutting them to suitable stocks for finger jointing and laminating process which is one of our projects in 2003, offering to the home-industry, sawdust and wood chips for boilers. The process flow chart depicts the process flow in our production line starting from the entry of orders to shipping the cargoes out.

Acceptance of orders
Although it is classified as the beginning of the processes, there are always several correspondences to and fro before the placement of an order. Several inquiries from both regular customers and new enquirers are received daily. Every inquiry is carefully studied and replied to as soon as possible.

Our reply normally consists of best quotes, lead-time, payment terms and any detail information whenever needed by enquirer.

Our price quoted is usually based on FOB (Yangon), lead-time normally is 2 months after the confirmation of order and the payment terms by L/C or by T/T. Any terms other than our standard terms could be settled after cordial and thorough discussion. An order can be placed after the complete agreement on detail terms and conditions.