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Environmental Dedication


Green Gold Industrial Co., Ltd. is committed to producing quality wooden products which are environmentally friendly, ergonomic and and useful for everyone. Our goal is to meet the applicable environmental laws and regulations and to protect our environment. We take into consideration the environmental priorities into the production starting from extraction of timber from the well maintained rain forest, transportation, cutting, design of products, services and facilities, and packing and shipping.


We use timber extracted properly from the forest maintained under the sustained yield programme. We use care in minimising the wastage and damage during the storage, transportation, cutting till we have the finished products ready for shipment to our customers.


Since the design of finished products also plays a consideration role in the effective use of our natural resources we pay good attention to the design which maximize the use of our valuable raw material and minimize the various losses during production while fulfilling the desired results of usefulness, strength, comfort and looks for our clients. Recycling is part of our company’s everyday life. We always find out the ways to recycle our wastes. Our recycle programme include saw dust, pieces of cut wood, papers, cardboard, metal, plastics, printer cartridges, tires, batteries, electric motors, etc.


In the near future we hope we would be able to recycle nearly all wood waste right in our factory to fabricate alternative products or accessories to be used in the production, packing, transport and in the company. In addition to the concern on the amount of world’s natural resources there are evidences that use of non wood or non natural products could create environmental damages. For example use of plastics, foams, oil based products, metals, etc. create severe damage to our waters, air, plants, animals, ourselves and the global weather pattern. It turns out finally that the use of naturally degradable materials including wood is one of the friendliest ways for our single world. The importance is it must be sustainable.