Wooden Decking For Terrace, Boats, and Ships

Custom teak wood decking and trim for rustic and elegant exterior design.

Custom Wooden Decking

Myanmar (Burma) Teak is the most favored wood for the ship building industries since hundreds of year ago due to its strength and endurance to the harsh surrounding conditions. We use Myanmar Teakwood for manufacturing various kinds of boat decking, wallings and furniture. Customers are requested to send us the detailed requirement.

Ship and boat decking

Our decking for ship and boat are of Teakwood and supplied as quarter sawn with Four Side Smooth or with rebating edges.


For luxury boat and yacht are supplied as quartersawn with rebating edges for caulking or without rebating.

Terrace Decking

We supply terrace deckings of Teak and Pyinkado woods. They are supplied as quarter sawn or flat sawn with Four Side Smooth, rabating edges, beveled edges, rounded edges or antislip grooves.We have many sizing options,  please contact us for other sizes and lengths.


Fill out our brief project inquiry formand our sales team will call or email you to discuss your project.