Safety and Health in the Work Place


Our people are our most valuable asset and thus we are always aware of the safety and health at work. All our staff are required to learn the nature of their jobs, good working practices, and the safety measures before they start taking a new task. Work safety committee in which senior workers and management personnel take rotating turns is responsible for the overall safety and health in the factory.

Our preventive measures include:
Training of every new staff on how the machines work, safe working practice, use of safety and fire fighting equipment, basic knowledge of materials, personal clothing and house keeping.

Clear and visible warning signs are put up at the places where there are danger such as cutting machines, rotating machines, heavy loads, high temperature and heat. Locations and directions to fire extinguishers, water hydrants, first aid kit,
toilets and shower rooms are clearly marked. Phone numbers of nearby hospital, ambulance service, police and fire department are put up at visible

Workers in the factory and job sites are required to wear safety equipment such as proper gloves, safety goggles, dust masks. Special attention is paid to the practice of handling heavy materials: bending knees, lifting using legs, keeping the work close to body, prepare a clear path to walk, and to plan before doing the job.

Workers’ hospital occasionally send their mobile team to inspect the general
health conditions of the workers in the factory.